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Performance Coaching

I have a confession. Just a few short years ago, I never thought I’d say those words. It took me a while to discover that being a life coach is the course I’ve been on for my entire adult life.

It’s my Why.

Now I get to help amazing people like you find your Why.

As your success coach, my job is to help you discover your talents, your guiding principles, and your dreams. I give you the tools you need to set lofty goals and ‘hold you capable’ to a plan that we’ll create together. This is how you will live the life you were designed for…

A life on your own terms… a life of purpose, clarity and abundance. Imagine how empowered you’ll feel, how much impact you can make, how fulfilling it will be to know you did what you were designed to do.

A life fulfilled.

This can be your story. 

James Mayhew has a contagiously optimistic perspective and an innate ability to get those around him to want to want to be better versions of themselves.

Tim Sanders

Director of Business Development, US Cargo Control

Just be awesome. It’s that simple.

There’s nothing more important to me than sharing stories of challenges, triumphs, hope and encouragement. My blog focuses on how personal values drive our actions, and our actions determine our results, in both our personal and professional lives.

Hold onto your hats; pursuing awesomeness can get a little messy.

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Create a durable, thriving culture based on shared vision, values and individual freedom and responsibility.
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James Mayhew excels in communicating vision and has a special knack for inspiring people.

Todd Kuennen

Chief Financial Officer, Clickstop, Inc.

(*your) Chief Culture Officer

Many organizations know the value of a strong culture. But it can be challenging to have personnel and financial resources to dedicate to a full-time position, or to know where to begin. That’s the position I fill.

As (*your) chief culture officer my job is to collaborate with your leadership team to discover what’s going great, and what can be improved. Then we’ll work together to implement a strategic plan to the entire organization with the goal of creating a thriving, sustainable culture based on proactive communication and ownership-thinking.

Imagine how differently you’ll operate when everyone sees how their role contributes to the overall vision and mission. We’ll define your core values and take these valuable assets from theory to practice.

Together we’ll create a toolkit that is available to everyone. You’ll have full access to incredible tools such as Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® to help align your people’s talents and skills with the organization’s needs.

I’ve done it before as the Chief Culture Officer for one of the midwest’s fastest growing privately held companies. That experience gave me unique insight and taught me valuable lessons as I worked with leadership, management and employees throughout the company.

Building a vibrant and sustainable culture was a powerful and rewarding experience. Let’s do the same for your organization!

If you want to unleash your potential, you need a solid foundation. It starts here with the Foundations For Success coaching package.

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James Mayhew, Head Coach