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Wondering what’s next? Feeling stuck? You’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m James (Jim) Mayhew. I work with high-achieving individuals, business leaders and organizations in a variety of ways, but all of them are about helping people just like you unleash your greatness.

A few years ago, I experienced leadership coaching first-hand. It was at that moment that I realized that was the path I had been walking! I am following that vision to help people just like you unleash your potential and get serious about achieving goals.

I was in a tough spot. I was feeling pressure at work. I wasn’t where I wanted to be financially. It felt as though time was running out on the dreams I had. My faith felt weak. Fear and doubt gripped me.

Looking back, I realize the importance of being in that position. Those circumstances motivated me to do something to take charge of my situation and do something about it.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Ahhhh! I did the THING!!! If it weren’t for you showing me my strengths and bringing out my confidence, I would have NEVER done this! Thank you Jim Mayhew!

Danielle Schares

Founder, Holistic Hippie

YOUR STORY matters

make your story inspiring graphicI enjoy people’s stories; hearing about successes, failures, challenges and triumphs. I’m fascinated by stories of perseverance, determination, courage, and grit. It’s the American dream; the stuff of movies and books.

Those stories and their elements have always captured my interest. I finally understood their power when I was appointed as the VP of Mission & Culture at Clickstop, Inc. Working with individuals across the company to communicate our values and the importance our culture gave me unique insights into the pulse of the organization.

I also learned how to be a leader in a business that was quickly growing. But most of all I learned how to build authentic relationships with people by sharing stories. That’s how we built our award-winning culture — by storytelling. It was the best part of my job. And I knew in my heart long before I allowed my mind to think it, that I was being led somewhere new.

I didn’t even know that being a success coach was even a job until I met one. And I realized that was exactly what I enjoyed the most and was best at. The rest of the story is best for a series of blog articles, but in short, I made the leap to follow a calling.

That’s how it works… when the vision in your heart travels to your brain, it becomes an unstoppable force. If you ignore it too long, it fades away forever. I made the difficult decision to choose a new path. One with risk, but also reward.

And now as a success coach, I am able to share stories with many people. I’m designing my life on my terms, doing what I love, working in my strengths and working to leave a legacy of hope, encouragement and changed lives.

If that’s what you’re seeking, we need to talk further.


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I chose this career path because I knew I could help people just like you re-ignite your inner fire and start living the life you dream of.

James is a very patient and positive leader that will always bring out the best in everyone.

Matt Kingsbury

High School Principal, Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District

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