NOTE: This is the first in a series of 10 articles on the benefits of implementing a coaching culture in your organization.

The internet is buzzing about the relationship between culture, coaching, performance and engagement. Every leader is looking for ways to improve their organization, but few know how or where to begin. Cookie-cutter systems and programs are put in place, but usually end up doing the opposite they’re intended for due to poor execution, lack of accountability and tired, worn-out methods. Coaching isn’t new; great leaders have been doing it for years and is customizable for any size organization.

What you can expect from creating a coaching culture:

  1. Increased engagement.
  2. More confident employees.
  3. Acceleration of “new” leaders.
  4. Identify and develop top performers.
  5. Build your brand.
  6. Improve recruiting, hiring and onboarding efforts.
  7. Increased retention.
  8. Create greater unity across teams.
  9. Decrease need for HR intervention.
  10. Align talent and experience with organizational needs.


Over the next 10 days we’ll to a deeper dive into each of these benefits to illustrate why coaching is the weapon of choice for world-class organizations to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.


James Mayhew is a personal success coach and consultant. He specializes in working with fast growing organizations to develop stronger individuals, leaders and teams by raising the bar for interpersonal communication. His brand, (*your) chief culture officer, connects people to the purpose, vision and values of the organizations he partners with.

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