As your life coach, I will help you establish goals to give you greater clarity, purpose and direction for the life you desire.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. We get distracted. We face setbacks. We get comfortable – or worse – complacent with your situation. We can even feel lost and frustrated.


It’s OK. We’ve all been there.

But the good news is that your current situation doesn’t define your future if you won’t allow it to. You have the power to change your life’s course. You don’t have to keep living ‘same-days’ and hoping for better somedays.

You truly are in a powerful position where you can be adventurous and explore new opportunities and career options.

Because when you feel lost, you are actually free…

Free to dream. Free to remind yourself about what you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to be. You’re free to imagine the life you’ve always wanted; the one you were born to live.


This is a decisive moment for you.

Listen to what your heart is telling you. Envision doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s within your power to make it happen. And when the little voice begins to tell you that…

  • It’s not the right time in your life…
  • You don’t have enough money…
  • Your job won’t allow you to do that…
  • You’re already so busy, you don’t have the energy…
  • You don’t know the right people…
  • Someone else is probably already doing it…

I will show you how you can overcome every single one of those barriers, including the ‘biggie’ of TIME.


Together, we will focus on powerful solutions:

  • Discovering your dreams
  • Setting SMART goals to help you get there
  • Building a plan that you can actually accomplish
  • Hold you capable to making progress, no matter how insignificant it might feel

This is a partnership, so it’s up to you to make it happen. A key to your success is taking ownership for your plan and then I help hold you capable to it.

You were born to do wonderful things and I cannot wait to see what magnificent changes you’ll make in the world!

Let’s get started today.

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You have brought so much confidence out in me that I knew was there, I was just afraid to show it!


Danielle Schares

Future Holistic Wellness Coach

James Mayhew is one of the most driven men I have met. It has been a blessing to get to know James, collaborate with him and hear his heart to help others live the life that they were created for.

Jarrett Samuels

Lead Pastor, Castleton Christian Church


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