Have you ever been on an amazing team? You know, a team that just seemed to “click”. A team that was unified around a vision, where teamwork, creativity and excellence were expected, and where your teammates had your back?

These are the hallmarks of a championship team — the type of team that attracts successful people to it. And it’s a team that is built to keep winning.

Unfortunately many teams in business struggle. They struggle because there’s a gap in leadership, vision, direction, expectations and accountability. These teams suffer with stagnant growth, higher turnover and a lack of engagement by the majority of the group, despite trying all the ‘tricks and tips’ of the month. Nothing seems to work.

I’ve been there. And I know how to help you positively change the culture of your organization, giving you a huge advantage over your competition. It’s a game-changer for your organization. It’s also a life-changer for your people.

James has high integrity and great passion for all he does. He has the experience of being a corporate executive in a fast growing e-commerce business as well as being a multiple time business owner.

Rob Gettemy

Chief Operating Officer, TaxACT

High Performing Teams Are Values-Based

One of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities I’ve been blessed to have in my career was being named Chief Culture Officer for one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the country. As the CCO, my job was to create a powerful company culture that was both scalable and evolutionary. It needed to grow as the company grew, staying well ahead of the growth curve. The only way to guarantee it its success was to design a values-based environment where the culture was dictated by intrinsic values like personal responsibility, enthusiasm, and integrity… because values determine action, and action drives results.

As CCO, I worked with individuals around the company to fully communicate our values-centered culture. We worked to create processes where employees could maximize their performance by valuing honest, open communication, having a positive attitude, setting high expectations, and committing to excellence at everything we did. We instilled in every person the fact that our values drive our actions, and our actions determine our outcomes. That’s how our culture became our number one product that fueled our rapid growth.

That experience was so fulfilling that I knew I wanted to help other organizations accomplish it as well.

How Do You Want To Work?

High powered coaching and creating a values-based structure is in high demand. This trend is expected to continue as more and more businesses realize that they best way to stay competitive is by attracting and retaining top talent. CEOs, COOs and CFOs who are staying ahead of the curve have known this and have already created positions – even entire departments – to create an environment that is built to thrive in this uber-competitive economy.

The vast majority of business owners and senior executives understand that the key to success is to make your culture precise, straightforward, memorable and definable. In other words, the word culture is nothing more than How We Want To Work.

The reason why this is so important is that every team, every business, every organization has its own concept of How We Want To Work:  how it recruits and retains rock stars, how strategic decisions are made, how meetings are run, what values are most important, etc.


We can agree on 3 main themes of high performance cultures:

  1. Building a high powered, high performing culture is a process that requires an ongoing commitment at all levels in the organization.
    • By creating a custom process of How We Want To Work for your organization, we will define and achieve realistic goals faster and with greater ease than otherwise possible.
  2. Success coaching and culture development is educational in nature.
    • Astute leaders hire coaches for their experience, skills, and expertise as well as their ability to create further knowledge. In other words, the best success coaches know how to build a culture that is scalable and create systems around teaching leaders as coaches.
  3. The result of building a high performance culture and creating coaches throughout an organization, is greater monetary success and personal wealth.
    • Success coaching is designed to enhance individual’s ability to increase his or her personal wealth while simultaneously adding to the company’s bottom line through enhanced skills, abilities and experiences, including leadership development.

I have seen James’ leadership style contribute positively to numerous teams and I have great respect for Jim’s insight on any issue, personal or professional.

Tim Sanders

Director of Business Development, US Cargo Control

6 Lessons For Building An Amazing Culture

Building a strong corporate culture takes commitment, buy-in, leadership and guts. Here are some of the most valuable lessons I learned as a newly appointed ‘culture guy’ in a fast-growing e-commerce business.


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