On a recent coaching call, my coaching client said, “I want to become great at _______, but I don’t know how to do it.” I let a moment pass before I responded. And then I replied with three words.

Yes. You. Do.

As a coach, I have an important role to play. It’s not to tell you what to do, or tell you the right steps to take. My job is to train you how to draw out the solutions that you already know work for you. By asking questions and listening, I engage you in the process of reflection, introspection and problem solving… These are powerful mental exercises that empower you to overcome self doubt, negative experiences and anxiousness. By focusing on positive outcomes — even those that come from previous failed attempts — you discover the best course of action for growth and success.

When I heard my client say, I don’t know how, I asked a question. “If I told you that I didn’t know how to _______, what would you tell me?

And magically, the ideas began to flow. I listened and took notes as four simple strategies emerged.

“I guess I’d tell you what I would do. First, I’d recognize that it was happening.”

Me:  OK, that’s good. Keep going.

“Then I’d pray about it. Talking with God always helps me refocus and ground myself.”

Perfect! And then?

“Then I’d tell you to think about your past successes. How did you overcome those things before? How did it feel when you pushed past that barrier?”

Keep going! These are great!

“Then I’d tell you just do it! Be confident because you know that you’ve done it before.”

After a few seconds, I read the 4-step plan back to my client. I could sense the lightbulb moment coming. Once I finished, my client joyfully proclaimed, “That’s some pretty good advice, if I do say so myself!”

Yes. Yes, it is! 

Coaching brings out the best in people. It will bring out the best in you, too. It’s all about taking steps… watching people stepping out of their ‘sameday’ patterns, stepping up and taking charge of their future, and stepping into their potential… that’s why I love what I do. I want to help you do the same. Let’s start the conversation. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation talk about your goals and how coaching might be the right fit. You’ve got this!

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