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Real and sustainable change in people’s lives begins with a real change in their belief about their own identity.

Sam Adeyemi

2018 is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe, but in just a few 10 weeks, we’ll be ringing in the New Year.

Was 2017 what you expected? Was it your breakout year? Or was it another year of same old, same old?

If you’re looking to make a change in 2018 – here’s your chance to get a head start BEFORE the holidays. (You do know that high performers don’t wait until the new year, next month, or even “tomorrow” – they begin NOW.)

ELEVATE is a half-day personal growth and leadership event designed to help you launch into 2018 and achieve your personal and professional goals.

At ELEVATE you’ll learn…

  • How to set REAL goals and crush them
  • Branding hacks
  • How to lead with confidence
  • Get serious about punching fear in the face
  • Why sharing stories are your secret weapon
  • How to unleash your team’s excellence
  • Why asking powerful questions is the mark of a great leader

You will be inspired. You will be encouraged. And, you will walk away with practical strategies and tactics you can apply immediately in your life, your team, and your organization. Get your tickets here.

Speakers list:

  • Mark Moyer – Director, Heartland Youth For Christ
  • Matt Phippen – Sales Leader, Scheels
  • Kurt Karr – Owner, Monkeythis
  • Jeremy Koopman – Owner, Koops Sales & Service
  • Connie Barnes – Realtor & Clinic Administrator
  • Grant Noren – Sophomore at University of Iowa
  • Jim Mayhew – Performance Coach, Mayhew Consulting

Let’s get real for a moment. Only a small percentage of you will commit to attending. You’ll have reasons:

  • I can’t get away from work 
  • I doubt I’ll learn anything new
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too busy
  • Events like this are all ‘rah-rah’ and lack substance

If there’s one thing ELEVATE will accomplish – as long as you allow it – is to stop the excuses, put an end to limited thinking, and change your beliefs about who you are, what you can accomplish, and who you can become.

It’s time to stop settling for good enough and unleash your gifts, talents and abilities on the world!

Your customers deserve it. Your employees deserve it. Your family deserves it. You deserve it.

ELEVATE is happening on Friday, November 17, 2017 from 8:30AM – 12:30PM.

Consider making ELEVATE a staff development day for your team. Leaders, you might also consider buying your team’s tickets, or giving them a half-day of paid vacation to attend. And make sure you join them. Investing in your people is always a good idea.

If you’re a parent of a teen that would benefit from attending, reply to this email and let me know. There’s no school for Vinton-Shellsburg students on 11/17… invite them to join and experience something they rarely have access to.

The world deserves a better brand of leadership.

We must learn to apply all that we know so that we can attract all that we want.

Jim Rohn

 What others have said about previous leadership luncheons:

“This helped me think and evaluate how I am doing as a leader in my business and community. It gave me practical information and ways to think and evaluate myself as I lead employees and decide how to best interact with them.”

“The topics were relevant, interesting and needed.”

“Very well organized and professionally done…which makes it easier to sacrifice the time and energy to be there.”

“I really look forward to more workshops like these!! A great asset to the community – literally EVERYONE could benefit from what you have to offer!”


Hosted by James Mayhew Consulting


8:30AM – 12:30PM


Revolution Building
417 1st Avenue
Vinton, IA 52349


James Mayhew is a performance coach who works with his clients to unleash their potential by harnessing the power of their core values, talents, experiences and abilities.

As (*your) chief culture officer, James uses his unique and varied experience in business, communications, leadership training and strategic visioning to help scale growth-minded organizations. By creating a flexible, sustainable framework that is properly aligned to the vision, mission and core values, he creates thriving cultures based on freedom and responsibility, instead of command and control.

Sound too good to be true? James used to think so, too, until he successfully achieved it as Chief Culture Officer at one of the midwest’s fastest growing companies.

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