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When were little we believed in the power of our dreams. We dreamed big dreams of being a scientist, playing in a band, being a famous movie star, a princess, an astronaut… the President. We believed we could be anything, until somewhere in our school years, we started to think differently about ourselves and our dreams changed. We didn’t stop dreaming altogether, we started dreaming new dreams about traveling the world, building amazing careers, starting families and dream homes.

And for some reason, the majority of us don’t expect them to come true. We don’t believe it will happen for us. So we become experts at using excuses to give up because that’s easier to accept than pushing past the fear barrier. Our culture conditions us to play it safe and be comfortable. We tell ourselves that the dreams we have are too big, that we don’t have time, that we’re too busy, we don’t have enough money, that we don’t know enough people, or that it’s just too hard.

These are lies and excuses. Every. Single. One. The result is being locked into a pattern of samedays hoping for better somedays where we…

  • live paycheck to paycheck.
  • are frustrated that we have to leave our kids at daycare while we go off to work.
  • are dealing with enormous debt.
  • tell others we’re fine, even though it feels like we’re dying inside.
  • feel guilty for missing our child’s concert or game because of prior commitments.
  • have to work overtime because we need the money
  • miss dinner with the family again because of obligations.
  • work a job for a boss who micro-manages everything we do.
  • wish we could volunteer more but we don’t have the time or energy to do it.
  • are stuck in a dead-end job that we hate.
  • get a 3% raise year over year even though we’re a top performer.
  • bring new ideas to the job only to have them shot down because they make others uncomfortable.
  • worrying that we won’t have enough money for Christmas this year.
  • realize we just turned 40 and have 25 more years before retirement.
  • live in the past, wishing for a way could do it over again differently.
  • watch our dreams fade away and our passion for life is lost.
  • try to fill our emptiness with bad financial decisions and even poorer relationship choices.

No one wants to be there, but all to often it’s the life we’ve created. We’ve chosen it and we didn’t even realize it. This is the reality millions of people are living every single day. Maybe it’s where you are today. And I get it because I’ve been there with you. It is heart-breaking to hear.

But it’s not the end of the story. It’s an incredible opportunity to change course.

The Truth About You

Truth #1:  You weren’t born to live a life where you’re constantly dreaming (or hoping, or wishing) for better somedays while living the exact sameday over and over. You are a child of God and a person of worth, and as such, there is enormous power within you to accomplish your dreams. You’ve just temporarily gone off course and the feeling you have inside you is an awakening of your soul. It’s a call to start living again.

Truth #2:  You have an incredible opportunity to change course. It begins with changing your mindset and believing that you’re meant for more. No more listening to lies! No more excuses! You were born with a unique purpose, and you are being awoken to pursue it as if your life depends on it.

It’s Not Too Late To Change Course

It’s been said that a cemetery is the richest place in the world because it’s filled with dreams, inventions, cures, businesses, books, art and music. Except no one has ever heard those songs, received that cure, or used any of those inventions. They all died when the person passed on.

This might scare you. It scares me, too. But when we realize we still have time – that our work is not yet done – it’s also motivating and inspiring. It’s a reminder that we are alive today and we need to use this day to get our rears in gear! We are alive. Our hearts are beating, our minds are thinking, our creativity is flowing, and we are dreaming incredible dreams. Feed them with the inspiration, strength and humility that God has shown you!

You Were Born For Such A Time As This

So where do you begin? How do you get started? There are four primary steps that you can take to live the life you are designed to live.

  1. Create a vision for what you want to achieve and what success looks and feels like along the way. Dream big! You’re going to spend a lot of time here. Try not to filter your dreams; let your imagination flow.
    • Application ideas:
      1. Create a vision board with pictures of what your dreams might look like.
      2. Start a journal and write down your ideas as they occur. You can also use your smartphone Notes app. Make it a goal to record 10 ideas every single day.
      3. Stuck? Think back to your childhood. What did you love to do? What did you dream of becoming when you “grew up?”
  2. Hold yourself to high expectations. Set the bar high! If you set your goals too low, you’ll never stretch yourself to reach them.
    • Application ideas:
      1. Define a list of goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Use a whiteboard, app or journal to record them. Record the date you set them and make sure every one meets the S.M.A.R.T. goal requirements.
  3. Utilize your unique strengths. Create a plan that uses your unique talents, gifts and abilities to get you there and be authentic to yourself. Do what you can and then look for others to help you in areas where you’re not as strong.
    • Application ideas:
      1. Reserve time to just think. Thinking is an intentional exercise. Most people don’t spend much time thinking; we want to get to doing. Avoid the urge to edit your ideas, even if they seem impossible.
      2. Limited by money? Who can help you with funding? Who could you partner with?
      3. Limited by time? What small steps can you make to find 15 minutes of focused time every day? Over the course of a year, 15 minutes every day equates to over 90 hours of focused time!
  4. Find a capability partner(s). This person’s important role is to hold you capable to your progress and results. Accept that you will have to grow to become a new, better version of you.
    • Application ideas:
      1. Make a list of people who you think would be good capability partners. Choose people who will be honest and transparent with you, and who have your best interest in mind.
      2. Go back over your list and pick people who you can see yourself partnering with. Make sure your partner is as committed as you are. Perhaps one of you has a goal to finish a book and the other has a goal of losing 50 pounds. They don’t have to be similar goals.

BONUS TIP:  Invest in a personal life coach. Ask any great athlete, actor, musician, businessman, or entrepreneur about their experience of having a coach that helped them break through their glass ceiling(s) and they’ll all say the same thing:  it was invaluable. Coaching is perfect for people just like you who need help finding clarity, creating a realistic action plan and who are there to hold you capable to it.

What will you choose?

Why aren’t these things taught in school, college, or at most jobs? I wish I had a good answer. I believe it has to do with nothing more than cultural patterns that are repeated across generations. It’s why so many of us get locked into sameday living. We see our parents, family members and friends doing it and accept it as our path, too. But nothing could be further from the truth! We have it within us to break out of that mold and become something greater, influencing an entirely different group of people that we come in contact with daily. There is great power within us to change lives!


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